does green tea expire

The drink is so good that we often ask… “Does Green Tea Expire?

If you’re a fanatic tea-lover (just like I am?). You surely know that green tea is one of the golden classics of this beverage type.

Understandably, we surely wouldn’t want our favorite drink to expire because who doesn’t love this beverage, right?

With all the health benefits it gives us, such as..

Boosting your immune system, combatting heart disease, and fighting off inflammation. 

It’s expected to be one of the favorites of many individuals, 

(Not to mention the cooling and calmness it gives to anyone who drinks it!) 

Of course, you must have had one of those experiences where your aunt from another country sent you a whole bag of green leaves.

You bought a huge amount of this because it was on sale, and now you’re wondering what to do with all that. 

Which led you to this article…  

If what you’re trying to find out is 

  • Does tea really expire?
  • If so, when does it happen? 
  • What can I do to prolong its lifespan? 

Along with other required information in between, 

Then you’re in luck! 

We have taken the time to write everything you need to know about this God-sent drink, so you don’t have to search the net for all the answers tirelessly. 

What are you waiting for? 

Head on below to know more! 

Does Green Tea Expire? 

green tea

What matters most for many aficionados is a steaming cup of tea and how the first taste brings satisfaction to the soul and recharges the mind.

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But, what if we told you that the favorite refreshment you always drink could also go bad? 

That’s right! 

This may seem odd, but tea leaves and tea bags go bad like all other food products.


Well, for starters, the drink deteriorates due to 

  • Poor storage temperature. 
  • Contact with air, 
  • Exposure to mold, heat, or moisture.

Despite the fact that many packaged drinks have an expiration date written on the packaging, 

Properly stored tea will certainly be safe to use well past that date.

However, the case is a bit different regarding green bags… 

Although both refreshments expire, average-store-bought green bags go bad faster than loose leaves. 

It’s not surprising that most people prefer teabags to loose-leaf. 

Since the latter is the lazy way to make a cup of refreshment, they can be thrown into boiling water, steeped for two minutes, and then you’re good to go. 


Teabags typically contain particles or fanning. Fanning has finer “chopped” green properties with a much greater surface area than loose green tealeaf. 

Because of this, green bags release their tannins and flavors much faster than loose leaf tea, causing them to expire more quickly than the others. 

Aside from the bags and loose leaves, 

There’s another form of tea that has become quite popular through the years.

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And that’s… 

Matcha Green Tea Powder

If you’ve got a thing going for matcha-greens, and you deeply care about this beverage, then you’ll certainly love what’s up next! 

Because we’ll be talking about… 

Does Matcha Green Tea Powder Expire? 

matcha powder

As you may know, matcha is a type of drink that has been ground into a fine powder. It’s wildly popular with the health-conscious, and many people,

(most likely including you) 

Enjoy it as part of their smoothies, lattes, and other drinks. 

However, there’s quite a huge distinction between this powdery version because…

Matcha green tea powder does not expire but will lose its flavor and aroma. 

Why so? 

Because an opened matcha powder will get exposed to air and other environmental conditions, 

Which will then affect its taste and color. 

If you constantly have this powdered drink stored in your kitchen. You’ll know that manufacturers all have a “best by” placed somewhere in their packaging. 

These given dates are generally the estimation of how long the matcha green powder will keep its best qualities. 

However, If you store it correctly, it maintains its best quality for 1-2 months upon opening and is usually safe for consumption for around 12 months. 

Matcha that is past its expiration date is usually okay to use, but as we’ve mentioned, it’ll taste stale.

Now that you’ve got your needed answers, lets now head on to the next part,

Which is… 

The New Discoveries of Green Tea 

new discoveries

We can’t deny the fact that you’ve learned a lot about your favorite drink on this reading escapade! 

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You now know that,

  • Loose tea leaves do expire due to exposure to environmental elements. 
  • Green tea-bags expire faster than loose leaves due to the particles the bag releases. 
  • Matcha powder doesn’t technically expire but loses its flavor and color and becomes stale. 

If you’re a die-hard drinker, this definitely is golden knowledge for you…

You’ll be able to know how much tea should be bought. 

So, you don’t go overboard in hoarding your fave drink and end up wasting a whole load of them! 

To ensure your drink lasts you a long time, remember to be vigilant at all times of how you store them… 

Don’t have any idea of proper tea-storing? 

Well, say no more! 

Head on below to get a chance to learn about… 

The Best Ways To Properly Store Green Tea

proper storage

Many of us tend to forget that proper storage is needed for all types of food and beverages, including your favorite refreshment! 

(Guilty as charged

But you would be horrified to know that it only takes 30 minutes to sabotage even the best quality green tea, all because of storage issues 

The tea’s essence and aroma will be hugely impacted if it is not stored with care. 

So, here’s all you need to know about teas and their proper storage:

A Dry Environment Helps 

dry environment

Teas are one of the most popular beverages all over the world. In fact, it is so popular that many people drink it on a daily basis. 

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If you want your refreshment to last, you need to store it in a dry environment. 

(We can’t stress this enough!

Storing tea in a humid place can lead to all sorts of issues. One major issue is mold growth, thanks to humidity and moisture. 

If this happens, your drink could be not only disappointing but also dangerous! If you’ve got loose leaves, then it’s best to place them in a sealing bag and be sure to let all the air out. 

This will ensure that when the temperature turns humid, you’re still protecting your loved drink! 

Make Use of Your Fridge 

make use of fridge

This may seem a bit weird since we clearly stated above to keep your tea in a dry place. 

But hear us out… 

Storing your green tea in the fridge is a good idea because it keeps the tea's leaves cool, keeping its freshness and protecting it from harmful elements. 

When storing in the fridge, be sure to keep it in the cooler compartment with a temperature of 5 °C, so you can easily drink it anytime. 

However, if for some reason you want to store your leaves for a year or so, 

It’s best to place unopened bags in the freezer. 

Be sure to put your tea in a container that can perfectly seal it so air or odor from other things in the fridge won’t affect your tea leaves. 

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Storing your favorite drink in the fridge is perfect for humid environments. 

The cool temperature will slow down the deterioration process and keep the leaves bright and the taste vibrant. 

Who knew your fridge could do wonders for your favorite drink, right? 

Well, if storing your drink in the fridge isn’t ideal for you, then don’t feel bummed out! 

There are still other tips for storing your tea. 

And the next one is…. 

Seek The Help of Kitchen Cabinets

store it in cabinets

One way that you can efficiently store your tea is by placing them in your kitchen cabinets.

That’s right! 

As long as you’ve got a dry cabinet that’s far from direct sunlight, you can prolong the lifespan of your drink and have no worries about other elements that might affect it. 

When storing your beverage, be sure to keep it in an airtight container so no air can come in. 

And of course, keep it in the dark closed cabinet. Since light is quite known to have a part in tealeaf degradation, It’s best to keep it in a cabinet that’s not constantly exposed to light.

So, you can make sure your leaves will last for a long time! 

Now that you know the main ways to store your leaves let’s head on to…

When Does Green Tea Expire? 

when does it expires

As we already mentioned earlier, your drink does expire when it reaches a certain time… 

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However, how long exactly is that “certain time”? 

Well, if you’re wondering when does tea reaches its expiration date. 

The answer usually depends on several factors. But in general, it can last up to a year or two before it loses its flavor and color. 

This is why as a rule of thumb, you need to consume it six months before the “best before” or expiry date. 

If you decide to drink those expired greens regardless of surpassing the expiry date, you might end up not liking the taste! 

But luckily, that isn’t always the case… 

So what do we mean by that? 

green tea bag

If you suddenly find some green leaves or bag inside a sealed jar in your cabinet, which you might have forgotten about, 

It might still be fit to drink… 

Consuming this after the expiry date is more like a quality and taste concern than a safety issue. 

This is why it is still possible to consume expired green leaves or bags as long as you’ve correctly stored them. 

If you want to drink your green tea even if it has been past its expiry date..

Remember to: 

  • Smell the leaves or bag first; if the scent is still good, you can still drink it. 
  • If you can’t detect the scent from the tea, test it by heating some leaves and smelling it again. If it’s good, then dig in! 
  • When there’s no scent or if you smell a musty smell, then it has probably deteriorated, and it would be best to throw it out. 
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With all of these things in mind, be sure to check your leaves before consuming them properly. So, you don’t end up with a bad stomachache.

Before you head out to fix yourself a cup after this long read, 

Let’s now have the last part!

Which is… 

The Final Saying 

We can all attest that green tea is one of the best and most diverse drinks humans have discovered. 

With all its health benefits and the feeling of calmness, it gives us, 

It’s a pretty good movie to find all of this information stated above. 

You’ve learned a lot of things such as: 

The answer to “Does green tea expire?” and also matcha powder. 

  • The reasons why these drinks expire. 
  • Tea-bags expire more quickly than green tea 
  • The proper ways you can store your favorite beverage to last longer. 
  • The exact time green leaves and bags expire is still safe to consume. 
Knowing all of this information will give you better knowledge on how to care for, store, and consume your fave drink, so you don't have to risk the chances of drinking something that isn't worth the money. 

If you ever find yourself with loads of green leaves or bags or perhaps happen to have found some old ones, 

Remember this guide and everything you have learned!